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Author: Steven Ferrel

Cleanse Your Way To Fat Loss, Health, & Energy

Many components are involved in weight loss. Genetics, eating habits, activity levels and body chemistry are just a few. However, all the major diet fads fail to mention toxins and their role in obesity. Currently toxins are a crucial element in fat loss. Many toxins are fat-soluble and most contaminants that accumulate in our bodies do so in fat. For example fat-soluble vitamins essential for our function are toxic at high doses for prolonged periods because of bioaccumulation. On the other hand, water-soluble vitamins do not bio accumulate therefore; can be taken in higher dosages for extended periods with...

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Shine Your Light So Others May See

Here are three motivational images I created with words that give me inspiration to do my best throughout the day. I hope that you discover some of the magic that I find in them 🙂 Shine your light so orthers may see and the world will be a brighter place wherever you’ll be! Steven Ferrel I highlighted the words “Shine your Light – See Brighter” because I believe when we shine we can see more clearly and the world is most beautiful...

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The Magic In A Challenge

Challenges live and breathe in a Beautiful World. If there were never hardships, the word appreciation would not exist. How would we know that a moment is indeed blissful without experiencing a challenging moment? Many wonders would be taken for granted if it were not for contrast. If it weren’t for challenges magic’s luster would lose its shine! When hard work manifests into form, that feat means much more to us and the words “victory” and “accomplishment” have meaning. Adversity can build an individual full of strength and success, or a life full of fear and disappointment. It is...

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The Power in Belief

We must have a healthy image of our self if we wish to live our life to the fullest. If you are not fond of yourself, chances are you will find many things wrong with others as well. Who we believe we are guides the direction of our life. If we believe that we are UN worthy, we will most likely behave accordingly. We all have access to a divine energy. These energy forces are the most precious gift to all who seek. They dwell deep within waiting for discovery. The more we access these forces the more powerful...

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Wayne Dyer An Interview And Tribute

Self help legend Wayne Dyer passed away last year at 75 years of age. I wish to honor his legacy by sharing words he gifted during an interview. Steve Ferrel: What do you feel we are here on earth for? Wayne Dyer: We are here for a purpose, we come into this world knowing what our purpose is but we forget, just as we forget our dreams. We go from a place called nowhere to now here, which is the same it is just a question of space. And then we go back to nowhere. While we are in...

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