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Your Heart: The Gift of Inspiration

The heart is the home of compassion. When I work with someone in the helping professions, especially healthcare providers, their genuine concern for others is apparent. Their warmth and caring is frequently the original inspiration that moved them toward their profession.

However, when I sit with them long enough, I often discover that they are much better at giving than receiving. The front of a caregiver’s heart — the part that they radiate love from — feels warm and wide open.

However, often they have much less awareness of the back of their heart, the heart space of self-love and nurturing. I think of this as the deep well that feeds the rest of the heart. Like any well, when it is not primed and replenished, it runs dry and burnout starts to take hold. The front of the heart — the part shared with the world — needs connection to the deeper well of the heart in order to survive and thrive.

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Never Forget Your Goodness!

My goodness message would have to be to find whatever it is that you’re passionate for whether that’s a creative art such as music, dance or painting or a cause that you care about for the planet and make that part of your daily life because you will start attracting everyone else that is passionate about that also and that is the way that we grow as a community.

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Key #1: Your Wild Rhythm

The rhythms of the Holy Wild give us permission to have our own cyclical nature; we need only frame these highs and lows as part of our bodily and psychic home. We are the living feminine, Sister, and we have a cosmically sanctioned right to check in and check out in accordance with our inner resources. Our energetic wells can only source so much work, so much play, so much nurturing, and so much devotion before they become depleted. Consider the solar and lunar cycles as more predictable metaphors for your own rhythms. We are not meant to be constantly turned on, and the world needs our darkness as much as it needs our light.

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Tips to Living a Life of Bliss, Peace and Contentment – Finding Inner Peace

How amazing you are! It is the choices you make that determine your bliss, joy, peace and even contribute to your being aware of how connected you are to your Higher Power, whoever and whatever that may be. This is real Power! And you were born with the intuitive wisdom to do whatever is necessary to find your bliss and inner peace.

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