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Reconstructing The Self

Neogenesis is a timely book that helps the reader understand the factors influencing good health and empowers them to take charge.

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James Ferrel

James A. Ferrel M.D., CNC shares his wisdom from over 35 years in the medical field and his personal quest to heal modern health challenges.

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“Neogenesis encourages the reader to obtain superior health, contentment, and longevity by making better choices. It is not about self sacrifice. It is about taking advantage of the wonderful health opportunity we have been given by virtue of our magnificent design dynamics. I have termed these growing and healing dynamics Neogenesis.

Neogenesis is a solution-oriented primer offering the tools with which to make better choices, to more quickly find and apply that which is sought. It’s a non-malicious, egalitarian, truthful roadmap of the path best followed as viewed from my perspective. It offers insights into the current conditions, into the usual impediments and the absolving vehicles that are part of our ongoing journey. It will explore as well interventions past, present and future in an effort to allow you to effectively find the solutions best suited to the quest for a functional, sane state of health throughout your life.”
James A. Ferrel M.D., CNC

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