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Author: Madison And Amy

Dreams, Cannabis and Spirituality: A Cautionary Tale

I’m sitting with Amy in our tent outside of Marble Falls in central Texas. Our yoga matts that we are on are color coded to our personalities like most of our camping gear; me shades of red or purple and her green, sometimes switching depending on the item but always in those hues. The camping spot we found for the next few days is exceptionally magical. The land is a vast, flat meadow, with soft, soothing mud and largely spaced trees, rising up over a hundred feet shading most of the ground in the canopy of their wide-spread leaves....

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Our Magical Mystery Tour: The U.S. West

Hello, and welcome into the world of Amy and I. Two, lifelong best friends on a spiritual quest across the Western United States. We start our adventure in our home, Arizona, and have major stops planned in Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon and California. The real exploration, however, is planned on the inside. We hope to better understand ourselves, each other, the world around us and the connection between them, through this journey. For the most part we will be immersed in nature, camping out of my mom’s car from place to place or CouchSurfing in the major...

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