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Author: Jane Crosbie

The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries

The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries – Infographic Never before has the topic of climate change been so topical as it is today. With the emergence of Donald Trump as the U.S. President, we saw how he reneged on a deal that practically all world nations agreed upon in Paris only a few years ago. This was met with widespread criticism and was seen as a backward step from the American administration. While it remains to be seen whether the fallout by the Americans will actually come to fruition, it still created shock waves throughout the environmental quarter as industry experts explain the key dangers that a maneuver like this will bring. Efforts by the likes of American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) since 1980 have seen fantastic work done in terms of environmental efficiency changes. It’s a chart of sorts which classes different countries based on a number of variables on how their outputs impact on the environment. Over the years, many countries have improved their result and others have worsened. It’s an interesting take to see how specific countries are performing. The guys at Senator Windows have put together this interesting graphic which details the work of ACEEE; it shows key points from findings; it showcases the ranking “charts” and it looks at some interesting industry expert quotes. Check it out below to see if...

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