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Author: Loren Antonios

Healthy Vegan Vs Unhealthy Vegan – Which One Are You?

Why did you choose to go vegan? Was it because of your health, to lose weight, to make your skin, hair and nails beautiful, to have more energy, or perhaps to help reduce your allergies? For many people, their decision to become a vegan falls into one of the reasons above – to feel better and look better. Some who become vegan achieve all they desired from this healthy lifestyle – and more. On the other hand, others who go vegan still suffer from low energy, bad skin and have not lost their excess weight. What are these two...

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Your Vegan Questions Answered – Everything You Need To Know About Vegans

Perhaps you have heard about the vegan diet and you are somewhat curious about what it involves. Or maybe you are considering becoming a vegan. This article will answer 6 common questions asked regarding this diet: What is a vegan? Vegan Vs Vegetarian – What is the difference? What do vegans eat? Where do vegans get their recipes? Is the vegan diet healthy? Why go vegan? What is a vegan? A vegan is a person who does not consume any animal products including red meat, white meat, fish, seafood, eggs, butter, cream, milk and cheese. Sometimes a vegan will...

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Are You Unsure Of Going On The Vegan Diet? Vegan Diet Advice

“Why should I go on the vegan diet?” You wonder to yourself. “How will I benefit?” “Is this diet for me?” You’ve done a bit of research and you’ve read about the many benefits of going vegan, such as weight loss, more energy, clear skin, good hair and nails, no more allergies, better focus and concentration, and feelings of inner peace. That all sounds good to you. You’ve also read countless case studies of folk who have lived on the vegan lifestyle for some time and who swear by it, having been cured of countless illnesses and ailments. Yes, the benefits...

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