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Author: Monica Patton

Prayer of Life

It is my belief that every breath, every thought, every motion, & emotion is a prayer. I believe that we are in constant connection with the energy of Creation. When we begin to realize that our very life is a prayer and that everything around us is connected to this prayer of life we begin to fully grasp the divine nature of our human experience & in that I have found the most beautiful expression of freedom and sovereignty that I have yet known. Everything has spirit and within that spirit lives the essence of the living prayer. This truth,...

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The Truth About Hate

Believe with me for a moment that hate does not exist. That it’s all just energy. The energy of the perception of hate is usually caused by fear, misunderstanding & pain. Unseen pain & trauma from a lifetime of someone else’s experience that we often know nothing about or our own that we have not yet made contact with. So we assume “hate”…but is that the truth? My truth is if we took action to know each other more clearly, to leave behind the ignorance and assumption we would see the love and the similarity in our walks that...

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You Are beautiful love energy

Thank you collective for your beautiful love energy ☆ Eye see you ☆ Eye hear you ☆ Eye feel you ☆ Eye love you ☆ I vibe with you, my heart beats with yours, with Pachamama, with the spirit and energy of all that is, we flow like the ocean as one, united in the breath of life that breathes through ALL! You are divine, you are sovereign, you are beautiful. I am you, you are me, we are one & we are whole, we are embodied with the fullness & perfection of the Source Energy, we are travelers through the Source Field experiencing...

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