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Author: LumaraRose Hammond

Learn From Nature

Hey Guys…so we are out here in Flagstaff enjoying this beautiful falls and I just keep being reminded of about how much I love nature and how Good it is to be in nature. And when we are stuck in the city we are so far from nature and we catch ourselves getting caught in the busy everyday life of the city and convenience, fast foods, and television. And we really should sit back and ask ourselves… “What does it really take for us to be whole and what does it really take for us to be prosperous?” And...

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May I bring Life into this World

This Earth gave Life to me And so I bring Life to the Earth… With every breath I breathe, With every moment I’m awake, With all my Heart and Soul, With every seed I plant, With every tree I seed… May I bring Life into this World… May we all have Peace on Earth and give Life to all that we do through Love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness while at the same time we genuinely give freely of ourselves to all the Earths wonders…  LumaraRose...

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