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Author: Saberi Roy

The Psychology of Happiness

A lot has been written about happiness and from psychology to philosophy, different theories of happiness have focused on issues of satisfaction, contentment, and even spiritual liberation. But happiness is one of the most subjective mental states and several factors could be at play when a person is truly happy. Whereas anger or fear could be defined with physical reactions and certain behavioral patterns, this is not so for happiness and that is how happiness is extremely subjective. For example, one bar of chocolate could make one child happy whereas another child would want two chocolate bars to feel...

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The Psychology of Inspiration

On why inspiration is itself a creative process and depends on mental orientation We know that inspiration is the core of any creative endeavor. When you create a piece of art or poetry, or come up with a new scientific theory, you need inspiration. Even simple creative activities like cooking or making love, require a level of inspiration. Inspiration is a kind of creative push, and sometimes it can depend on external factors like a person or a book or a movie, or even simple patterns in the clouds, anything really. Inspiration can also be internal and depends on...

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