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Author: Glowing Feather

Self Sustained Living

My message to you brother. This man is getting married today and what I want to talk to you about is self-sustained living. You can work for somebody…you can work for yourself and being part of this economy. But it’s all based on a trillion dollar deficit and one day that dollar is going to turn into a nickel. I bought a farm 15 years ago called Earth Rose Farm in Southern Costa Rica. Planting the seed that needs to be free, learning the water system, life, learning things, seeing things bond and die. It’s a joy to live...

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choose Bliss Happiness Joy Knowledge Love

I am Glowing Feather from the Rainbow Family Living Light. And it’s my delight to share some insight with you. It’s true that I’ve been coming to these gatherings since 1972 when I was only 23…now look at me at 68, but I still get to relate. I love seeing the youth come here. I know this… That I am only responsible for my Bliss, my Joy, my Happiness, my Love and Knowledge that I Live, Give and that I Be. However, I am not responsible for yours. Every single human being gets to choose Life over Death, Love...

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