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Animal Healing

Animal Healing

Our pets are so good for us in more ways than we think.

Animals bring love and joy into our lives and We give love, happiness and comfort to them.

Pets bring so much joy into our lives, our cat constantly keeps us entertained with his antics.

Our cat was from a cat rescue charity and we gave him a good home with plenty of food, warmth, love and care so he feels content and loved.

By stroking, petting and caring for our pets we heal ourselves.

But animal healing is something that can happen by chance without the owner knowing. Animals are very theraputic. Just by having a cat sitting on your lap and you stroking the purring ball of fluff, you are calming your body and your mind. Or playing with your dog, stroking him/her, or walking the dog, it has the same effect.

When you are giving your attention to an animal whether it be through play, petting, grooming or feeding, your focus is on the animal and usually nothing else. By doing this you are clearing your mind of any worry, stress, fear or tension and by clearing your mind, just as in meditation, you go to a truly peaceful place. Anyone can benefit from animal healing, take time to spend with your pet and test for yourself how much better it makes you feel.

Even just thinking about your pet can take you to this same peaceful place of calm and tranquility. Try it and see for yourself. Notice the change in your vibrational energy. If you are a fan of the law of attraction this is one of the ways to take you into a happy place/feeling that certainly changes and lifts your vibration to bring you into alignment.

Animals do so much for us and in return its nice to do something for them by training them properly, giving them the correct care they need, the correct food, healthy food and making sure we have the right knowledge in order to care for them properly.

If you do not train your pet its like having a child that’s never been told right from wrong so doesn’t know the boundaries. When we talk about pet training its not necessarily teaching your dog to jump through hoops! But the basics such as answering to his name, sitting at the roadside when told and not trying to leap in front of oncoming traffic, its all basic stuff, the same stuff we teach our kids to keep them safe and also try to teach them a few manners! You don’t want your dog begging at the dinner table when you have guests do you.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to train a pet but it does take a bit of commitment and you will be so glad that you made the effort because your time with you pet will be so much more enjoyable and rewarding. All you are really doing is healing their negative behaviour patterns and replacing them with new positive behaviour patterns.


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