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Being & non-being

Being & non-being

For me, it is about the non-duality and being and non-being. It was a big enlightenment for me as a Christian I felt separated. I felt the love of God and the spirituality but felt separated from other people and events in my life. I learned about Daoism that taught that I am connected with everything and everyone and it gave me a new vision of Christ because that is exactly what he taught. That we need to be in touch with our surroundings and we need to not be separating ourselves as Christians or making ourselves appear better. The other thing that impacted me was to learn – doing away with the sense of self as the Buddha taught because the self can so often get out of control and take over our lives. Many are so self-absorbed that they don’t think about others and their impact on the environment and everything around them. And the other concept that really helped me from the Buddha is the concept of change so many people are afraid of change when it’s actually something that needs to be embraced, recognized and realized. A lot of it is just about being in touch with who we really are and what the world really is and everything around us to be able to connect with that. And to be one as Lao Tzu said in the Dao De Jing. To be one with everything and everyone like energy floating through our bodies at million miles an hour. That is God’s essence and it’s in us. And it is up to us to try to share what God gives us and to realize and be in every moment and be filled with love for creation.

Mike Hewitt

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