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Dialogue With Respect For A Future of Peace

Dialogue With Respect For A Future of Peace

In this post, the Dalia Lama speaks about compassion respect as solutions to violence.

“Changing mind only through compassion or education, not by force. We have to find ways and means to solve that through dialogue. In order to carry meaningful dialogue first, it is necessary to respect the other who has different views than you. Consider them part of we, part of humanity my future also depends on them. So respect and listen their interest and tell them our interest and try to find solutions. That is the only way. Both sides stand firm then confrontation. Now in the 21st-century ten years has passed and ninety years yet to come. Now, these young people you are the people who belong to the 21st-century. My generation of the 20th century is already gone and ready to say goodbye. So these young people you should think how to bring this century to a more peaceful century…a more compassion century. So peace, compassion does not mean no longer any problem. The problem is there as long as a human being is there and human interest is there. Different interests, different point of views are always there. There is no other alternative only through talk. That is the wisdom side and then respect. Others interests with a genuine sense of concern and others well-being that is the basis. So combine these things with a genuine spirit of dialogue for a peaceful future.”

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