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Peace and much love. My name is Emma and my Goodness Message for the world I would like to begin with an affirmation that was passed onto me from my teacher from his mother whose name is Jacquelyn Parker and I utilize this affirmation as much as I possibly can to help me through times in life when I may need to summon a little bit of courage to face the unknown and to have faith in the future I cannot see. So the affirmation goes like this:

“I am not afraid!

Today I give myself permission to be all that I can be!

New fields of Divine Activity are now open to me!

Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected Channels are now FREE!

I create what I need with Divine Energy!

Good things come to me in Peace and at the Right Time!”


So as I reflect upon those times in my life that I felt afraid or I felt unsure…most of that fear …like 99.9% of that fear comes from not knowing and from the unknown. And so if I can accept that there are certain things that I not going to be able to figure out and things that I don’t know how they work… then that allows me to have a lot more fun in life. There was a recent study done where people in Hospice care that are ready to pass on were asked,

“What do you wish that you have done more in their life…What do you regret the most?”

And what people said was that they wish they would have been happier, they wished they would have spent more time just loving each other and enjoying their life because as much we need certain physical things to sustain our lives and our bodies. We are not going to bring any of those things with us where we are going, What we are going to bring are those loving memories, those moments of sweetness that we share with one another.

So how do we enjoy our lives more? How do we become more present and less afraid? And part of that is to choose to be all we can be in that moment and to call forth those unexpected doors to fly open into those unexpected blessings that come into our lives. And blessings often times come with their own burdens. If I make a million dollars tomorrow that is a huge blessing, and also I’m responsible for that million dollars. So how do I summon the spiritual strength to lift up my burdens into blessings? And that also comes from having that unconditional love, having that hope for myself and for others and for that future that I cannot see. So a big part of finding that peace within has to do with trusting….trusting the unknown and trusting ourselves to be able to let go of having to figure everything out so that we can appreciate and have more fun and enjoy and DREAM up those futures that we WISH.

So that is my message for the people I wish you peace and prosperity, I wish you health, love, awareness, and wealth wherever this message may find whoever it may find I pray that it meets you well! And so it is!

Emakhet Uru

About The Author

Emakhet Uru

Priestess, Oracle, and Dreamer Emakhet Uru was born on Friday, July 26th in Northern California, in an area east of San Francisco known for it's wealth of natural beauty. Within a family of artists, photographers, designers, and teachers she was soon singled out at her schools for being different---psychic or weird, depending on your point of view.

At age 11 she attended her first tarot class at the local magick shop and by age 14 she was reading professionally for real estate agents and coffee shop owners alike. At age 20 she won a raffle for a free night's stay at the Temple of Isis and within 3 days of her visit was ordained as a Priestess in the living Goddess traditions. She then apprenticed with the High Priestess for 3 years where she learned how not to be and how to be a minister and serve the community.By age 25 she had formed her own personal practice and began holding ceremonies and teachings at festivals and events. Then in 2013 she formed Sphinx Mystery School that's focused on bringing magickal studies to the people in an authentic way. In addition to oracle readings, Emakhet also holds workshops on dreams, and is the visionary founder of Dream Council which provides tools to find medicine through the magick of dreams. She currently lives in Portland, OR.  She has the websites and

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