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Every day we birth a new day

Every day we birth a new day

I would like to share this blessing with you. I was told by an elder, a medicine person to share this on people’s birthday, which I do, but I was also told to share this every day as he said, “Every day we birth a new day, so share it with our brothers and sisters.” Know on this day, the birthing of a new day, that it took way more than the female and male energies for you to be born. It also took the earth, the sun, the moon and all the planets and stars. It took all your helpers, spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. And it took the Creator to breathe the breath of life into you. That makes you a holy man. Know this especially on your birthday, but also know this every day. Thanks for being incarnated at this time and being a gift to the world…He wanted me to share this with as many people as possible in the hopes that they would share it and we would all remember our holiness.

Peace, Light and Love Michael

Michael Denmeade

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