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February 2018 Edition

February 2018 Edition

Health and happiness embracing the vegetarian and environmental lifestyle.

Topics For This Edition
Healing your Perspective to Heal the Planet, Environmental Impacts On Our Health, Can Our Planet Be saved By Eco Living? This edition includes a feature on the Arizona Vegetarian Festival.

Featured Messages
Jennifer Vanzant, Rachel Mari Kimber, Matthew Christopher, Nick Boroughf, LumaraRose Hammond, Samantha Hudson, Forest Turpenn, Nadia Turpenn, Jesus Garcia, Emily Garcia, Jeremy Hughes, Brittany Hughes, Callie Ellis, Kaleb Olson.

wellness, health, eco, unity, vegan, vegetarian, festival, healing, planet, environmental, community, Arizona vegetarian festival

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February Wellness Magazine 2018

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February 2018 Edition

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