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George Batista Jr. Certified Wellness Specialist

George Batista Jr. Certified Wellness Specialist

George is a Certified Wellness Specialist, Nutrition Consultant and Yoga Fitness Instructor who is has been passionate about health and wellness for over 15 years. Ever since he was a kid, George was always active. He was an athlete growing up playing high school baseball, football and heavily active in the martial arts and strength training. After high school George’s passion for music led him to become a musician and he has been a part-time professional drummer for the last 20 years.

Through those years he was dealing with alot of chronic conditions such as allergies, bronchitis, frequent sinus infections and lower back pain due to severe athletic injuries. He decided that he needed to take full responsibility for his health and not leave it in the hands of prescription and over the counter medications, which many times made the conditions worse. So he read and studied hundreds of books and tapes on nutrition, health, spirituality and personal developement.

George immursed himself in Strength training, yoga, meditation, and high level nutrition to enhance his healthy lifestyle. He has since used all these principles to help heal his injuries, reverse the chronic conditions and keep himself in shape. He has studied, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, sports nutrition and various forms of meditation.

He now teaches these principles to others so they can achieve optimal health and wellness. This combined with his weekly internet podcast helps to spread the message of natural health and healing and to do his part to help people take responsibility for their health. His philosophy is that healing is not only physical but mental as well. Your outlook on life and your ability to be in the moment have just as much to do with healing as eating right and exercising. He also believes that making a few simple changes over time can lead to a major difference. It all starts with taking responsibility for your health and letting your body’s natural healing ability take over.

Goodness Message

Take responsibility for your health and well being. Every choice you make has a consequence. Successful people do the small daily positive things that seem to make no difference at all in the act of doing them, but notice the big differences over time.

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