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Go Vegan For Yourself, Animals, & Environment

Go Vegan For Yourself, Animals, & Environment

Hey, I’m Will Tucker Americas Vegan Trainer, I’m the owner and operator of Will Tucker Fitness in Mesa, Arizona that is a 100% plant-based fitness studio. And my Goodness Message is this:

Focus on your nutrition, the health, the health of the planet and animals. Being vegan is an all-encompassing thing. A lot of people come in for health reasons…if that’s your reason, fine do it for your health, and the planet and animals still benefit.


Do it for the animals! Definitely, have compassion toward other sentient beings. That’s what it’s all about…to eliminate the needless slaughter for your taste buds. A lot of people think that you need animal proteins to build muscle and be fit and that is 100% false.


Do it for the environment! Mother earth depends on you. As far as greenhouse gas emissions and everything else it is directly attributed to animal agriculture. So my Goodness Message is do it for something, but definitely do it!

Go vegan, go plant-based, do it for your health, do it for the animals, and do it for the planet! I’m Will Tucker Americas Vegan Trainer…GO VEGAN!

Will Tucker

About The Author

Will Tucker

Will is a vegan person trainer. Visit his website at

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