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Spreading Love

Spreading Love

Good morning…

We are out here spreading God’s love today. We ran into Seven and Steven and we just felt like we wanted to love on them. And so that’s what we did because that’s what we believe that we were sent here to do is to love on people and see what they need and it blesses us to bless them. We don’t want anything in return, but to see somebody smile and help make their day wonderful …so that is what we do.

It’s all about serving others. Everyone is here on this big world and we are here for each other and however we can make it easier and such a great place to be…that’s what we want to do! So if it’s giving food, or a high five, or a smile…someone looks as if they might be sad…we just go around and spread love any way that we can.

Absolutely…and we just thank God that he has given us a heart of love like that. And I would like to share my Love Blanket that my family gave to me. I use this to cover myself every day…some days I’m happy…some days I’m sad, but I just remember that I’m covered in Gods Love, I’m covered in Family Love and I’m covered in New Friend Love. That’s what we wanted to say today.

Cynthia Pickett- Mitchell and Jasmine Pickett 

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