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Harmandar Singh – Certified Wellness Specialist

Harmandar Singh – Certified Wellness Specialist

Dr. Harmandar Singh was the first graduate from outside the United States to successfully pass the Wellness Specialist certification course. Dr. Singh joins first graduate Jason Cline as part of the certification staff. Harmandar is an Alternative Medical Practitioner, Media Consultant, Education Counselor and a Writer having sound touch of both East and West. He is also a researcher in the Single Theory of Everything (TOE) and the Grand Unification Theory (GUT). Harmandar has authored more than 25 books for children and 25 in general for everyone. His books are to fill us with oneness and togetherness of both societies of the East and West for globalization of Comparative. Book topics include Green, Eco-friendly, Religious and Interfaith Studies and other educational, literary and literacy missions.

What I Do To Help The World
Opposing the War and Violence, Hatred and Discrimination.

Goodness Message
Hope is better when used with Positive Thinking as it is Making of Provocative!

How I Implement Wellness
Writing, Speech and Counseling

Music, yoga, meditation, writing in all genres, vegan, vegetarianism, go green, ecology, peace

Favorite Inspirational Quote
If I want to see any change anywhere, I need to quit procrastination and be proactive to have it as change in me!

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