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Let’s Go Fly a KITE! Creative Outlets for Adults

Let’s Go Fly a KITE! Creative Outlets for Adults

More and more adults are finding time to have fun!

Bringing back a little child’s play can lighten your mood and bring opportunities to meet new people.

I’m pleased and surprised at a small group of ‘Over 55’s’ gathering to fly their kites! Not just ordinary kites, but stunt kites!

I overheard a conversation this past weekend: “Hey! Want to meet at Vanier Park and fly our kites this afternoon?” Did you know there are instructions on a website to teach tricks for these stunt kites?

I decided to go to Vanier Park for a look: Everyone there had a smile on their face, their cheeks with a rosy glow, and having a great time!

In feng shui, and in other self-healing disciplines, we discuss the inner child as many issues resurface in adulthood and open the scars of life. Addressing our inner child can be as simple as allowing ourselves to have an ice cream cone on a hot day. Remember how much fun it was choosing a flavor?

Many business people are trying to find the balance in their lives, and any form of recreation is encouraged by all healthcare practitioners. Some are embracing new activities such as bike riding, ultimate Frisbee, ballroom dancing and more, rather than beat themselves up by NOT going to the gym.

Different from organized sports, playtime doesn’t require a lot of physical strain or take up a large portion of the day. As the population gets older, instead of being alone, play time encourages interaction when playing scrabble, card games or Pictionary.

Sharing a hearty laugh and learning new skills can help make new friends and new experiences.

Playing games can help the brain problem-solve in less stressful situations. The task, or puzzle, presents itself in smaller challenges that are not so intense.

In your spare time, keeping the brain sharp is easy when you create a habit to work on crossword puzzles, regular puzzles, or Sudoku. (-All good feng shui for the brain.) More than one retiree I know has set up an elaborate train station running through their house!

And now, coloring books! Did you know there is a huge market for adult coloring books? Not the regular childhood books, but with content that features costumes, fantasy, animals, exotic plants and this one I just bought: Mandalas! How cool is that? I get to custom color my own book of mandalas!

So many people are being distracted by the political climate and their own problems; chastising their own efforts to get ahead, trying to lose weight or make more money. Sadly, these issues will always be here.

Have a look at the ‘Children and Creativity Area’ of your home and office. This space can also be an eye-opener for what is lying stagnant in your life. From a front entrance, it is located at the midpoint -halfway up on the right side.

When you can clear up this area (example: closets, bookcase, spare room) you should discover more room will open up for creative possibilities. This is what many of us need to do for our own mental health; shake off a few things and lighten up.

Next month, when my commitments are finished for the year; I’ll be at the wool shop for some color therapy! Knitting a colorful scarf is always good therapy for me over the winter months.

Here is a new challenge: before you huddle in because of frosty weather, find a way to bring fun and playtime into your life. Enjoy yourself; anything goes…

When you lighten up, the world seems to be a brighter place.


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Kathryn Wilking

I have been based out of Vancouver BC since 2006, and lately, I've been teaching feng shui through the Vancouver School Board Continuing Education program, as well as in private venues. I have recently given talks for both non-profit organizations and professional offices.See My New Book: Practical Feng Shui for the Office: Finding Your Individual Balance in the Workplace

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