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Life after Death

Life after Death

It has been a week since my first profound experience in the the I-I Awareness state and experiencing myself as the One Infinite Being that we all are underneath all these seeming forms.

Many people have been asking me about my experience since then and how life has been. On the surface level, my life looks quite the same. On this plane I’m still in a body, I still look like Nazarah when I look in the mirror, I still do laundry, I still brush my teeth, I still sing to my cats, and I still have a Facebook account – hahaa! ❤

What has changed though is quite profound. The feeling of knowingness of what this world is and who everyone I encounter really is (hahaa!) keeps me in a constant state of laughing to myself at this cosmic inside joke. It’s quite surreal… Talking to people is so beautiful and interesting because I feel like I am looking right through them to the God that they/we/I am/are ~ even when they have no seeming conscious knowing of this themselves! Lol.  The feeling is quite unexplainable because nothing feels real in this world anymore. Every interaction feels like a play I am acting in but awake and knowing it is all play – hahaa! ❤

When I close my eyes I can feel myself as the Awareness and feel myself melting back into the Beingness energy that All Is and I truly am. I can rest there in such peace and joy at any moment and all the time. It’s the most natural state of peace, easy, comfort and Bliss without any effort whatsoever. Everything that appears external can quickly fade and dissolve as I melt back into mySelf as the I-I. What profound safety and lightness that brings to all the seeming worries I used to hold onto believing there was something outside of me… There is no worries or fear any longer – about anything. ❤

This feeling of absolute Freedom from fear carries over visibly in everything I do now… My morning runs have become interspersed with dancing and singly loudly and freely in the streets. People stare and probably wonder what drugs I am on at first – haha! And then we pass one another and I look at them and see God right through them and they burst into a smile. And then the freedom, expansion, and lightness begin to blossom in them as well. ❤

This feeling of Freedom is so profound and amazing and indescribable! I can completely do, say, think, feel, be, move, express, laugh, shout, run, dance, sing, smile, and fly at Any and Every moment I choose!!! There is No One Else to worry about.  There is Only Me! Only The One here to paint a beautiful painting of expression through vibration that appear to be forms. How magnificent it all is!!! I feel myself as a true artist now. The whole world is my canvas I paint with my thoughts and my Love. And I am having so much fun painting this beautiful world! =D

This level of “Empowerment” has no comparison to the old type of Empowerment I used to seek. There is no losing this feeling of knowing so No-Thing can Ever diminish it. ❤

Before this shift, I had a habit of getting consistently thrown off center by the thoughts and beliefs that would arise in the mind. I felt confused frequently about what was really true and how I truly felt in many ways. This lack of clarity exists no more in my life now. There is no way it can exist when my Heart is clearly telling me in every moment what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. All other thoughts after that are clear illusion – and comical now. Lol!

The first few days after the shift I experienced the mind in a very strong way. I was actually quite surprised at first because I had assumed that after an experience like the one I had, I would have an instantly quiet mind that would be on board for living in constant Bliss. But my mind was still fragmented though and trying to make sense of the profound experience I had. This came up as constant thoughts of “me” and “I” and stories from the past as it tried to desperately grasp to some form of identity… It was quite loud and noisy, however, I had dis-identified with it on so many deep levels, that it became a comedy show to listen to all day as it went on and on and on… LOL!

Now I am experiencing this world in a very new way. Everything feels so easy now. All the things I used to worry about are insignificant. They have been replaced by a profound sense of Trust knowing I am All That Is and I can’t lose anything.  I/you/we are Every-Thing and Every One. Everything now is just a reflection of more Bliss and Freedom. ❤

Using the Mind-Body System

I would like to share some discoveries I have experienced in become re-birthed into this human body after this experience now. I feel it’s important to share this because, as much as I felt myself “on the spiritual path” before, I feel I was completely missing the depth of this understanding which has become such a deep experience and awareness now.

The way we have been using our Mind-Body System has been completely ineffective and inefficient on many levels. The overwhelming majority of people in the world have become accustomed to keeping their sense of Awareness of sensation unconsciously focused in the location of their head on their body. This makes sense logically in some ways being that our eyes are located there and we have come to believe that the brain is the most powerful organ. However, after this shift, I have experienced a completely new way of living and experiencing, and feeling within the Mind-Body System. My strongest feelings of sensation in the body are now always focused in my Heart center area. It is not something I need to “think” about to focus on. It feels natural to experience the body in this way now. It’s very palpable and always present with me when I feel myself as the “human in a body”.

Since this shift, everything that happens on this plane is now filtered through the Heart. All my interactions with others and with the thoughts that arise in the mind now automatically are felt first through my Heart where I feel constant feedback being given in the form of subtle changes in what feels like the Heartbeat. These vibratory changes let me know immediately if something feels “off” – or out of alignment.

I feel strongly to share this new understanding so that if it resonates, you may be inspired to build a stronger sense of awareness in your Heart center. I recommend practicing feeling your Heart regularly. Feel the Heartbeat. Get familiar with its rhythm and all its subtle vibrations. They are messages for you… If you choose to “ground in the body”, ground yourself there. Listen to people’s words through your Heart by keeping part of your awareness focused there always. Listen to your own thoughts through the Heart. Keep part of your awareness there always and check to see how it feels physically for you there. Is it expansion (a Yes, good, go) or a contraction (a No, out of alignment, false)?

Any emotions that you may experience (anxiety, sadness, guilt, anger, depression) are always clear and overt signs letting you know that what you are thinking and believing are completely out of alignment with what is actually true. Feelings of Joy, Excitement, and Happiness are not emotions. That is your natural state of Being. That is the state your True Self is always in. Always!

Your physical Heart is the doorway to the portal to your Infinite Self. As you practice the Absolute Neti Neti Meditation (as taught by Bentinho Massaro in his Self-Realization School and Trinfinity Academy) and you get on the cusp of the I-I Awareness state, you will most likely feel strong openings in the forehead and the top of your head  (the Third Eye and the Crown). It will, however, feel Very, Very different than any sense of awareness you feel in the head in your day-to-day life. Heavy energy and unconscious identification with and focus and awareness in the head area are typically built up from over-thinking and constant fear based thoughts.

Experiment with this and see how it works for you in your own Mind-Body System. 🙂



So that’s all for now.

I plan on sharing more about my experiences in meditation and specific techniques I use now on how to access the full, deep I-I Awareness state in the next upcoming posts and in videos.

Please let me know any questions you may have as this is helpful in letting me know what is desired to be shared:)


So much Love to you. ❤

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