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May I bring Life into this World

May I bring Life into this World

This Earth gave Life to me
And so I bring Life to the Earth…
With every breath I breathe,
With every moment I’m awake,
With all my Heart and Soul,
With every seed I plant,
With every tree I seed…
May I bring Life into this World…

May we all have Peace on Earth and give Life to all that we do through Love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness while at the same time we genuinely give freely of ourselves to all the Earths wonders… 

LumaraRose Hammond

About The Author

LumaraRose Hammond

LumaraRose (Rose) is a certified Wellness Practitioner as she obtained her Diploma in the Holistic Wellness Practitioner Program through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She previously acquired a degree in Addictions and Substance Abuse Counseling & is a certified Southwest herbalist. Her education & training is never ending & continuing. Not only does she have all these accreditation’s behind her, but she began her process with the arts, herbal medicine & holistic health as a personal highway to inspiration and transcendence. It is through her artistic expression, the vehicle of love, strength, healing, industriousness & self-reliance that she has been able to transcend her own personal journey of adoption at age 6, childhood abuse, self-identity, drug addiction, PTSD & being a single mother. LumaraRose (Rose) manifests light, hopefulness, and inspiration in all that she does. The true & authentic ability to manifest love and healing through her art & services is what gives Free Spirit & Mind Holistics a true and special place in the world canvas of artistic expression & Healing modalities… Her mission is simple, “With one Soul at a time we will Heal the World.” In time she envisions her personal practice becoming the Global Go to Center for suffers of Addiction and PTSD that are treated with Holistic Practices focused on the Mind, Body, and Spiritual Connections. Free Spirit and Mind Holistics offer a wide array of Holistic based services. Through Holistic practices incorporating the Mind, Body, Spirit Connections, we will restore the internal balance of sufferers with PTSD & addiction. While the main focus is on the suffering and / or recovering addict and those battling PTSD, we do offer services to the general public and to anyone who desires the will to improve their life. The various services that we offer include: Addictions & Substance Abuse Counseling, PTSD Counseling, Life & Nutrition Coaching, Auriculartherapy (Chinese Acupressure but focused in the ears), Herbal consultations, Personal herbal formulas, Surrendering to Weight Release, Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils Healing Sessions, Guided Meditations, Toe Reading & Coaching (This is so fun & can be transformed into an entire Healing Session of it’s own), and Garden Building.

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