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Peace Oneness

Peace Oneness

Peace worldwide begins inside! Oneness is the connection between all of us, each other and the planet. Be the change now and gather as one human family. We Are One! Read Oneness, an inspirational, uplifting global perspective that world peace begins in the heart.

Brian Scott Baskins

About The Author

Brian Scott Baskins

Born on the Southside of Chicago, Brian Scott Baskins is a philosophy author who was educated at Howard University in Washington, DC. In completing the twelve book series, The Message of Global Unity, Baskins’s life-long devotion to writing calls upon the creative insights granted by his parents’ extensive involvement in mindful non-dualism and transpersonal metaphysics. These childhood experiences granted him the insight that he uses to understand and apply principles of world peace. He learned about oneness and global unity through consciousness at his father’s knee. Dr. Lewis C. Baskins has been a Oneness teacher and public speaker since Brian was thirteen years old. His early educational environment and intellectual development contributes to him creating books that anchor group consciousness. At the service of his writing projects are humanitarian and altruistic ideals. In his books, Baskins examines humanity from a psychological standpoint and he doesn’t hesitate to challenge established opinions. He can be ahead of his time when it comes to consciousness because he thinks about things nobody else does. Baskins’s thoughts can be shocking, because they are so clear and objective. It is not so much that Baskins is in revolution against the system, but that he is convinced that all men are equal, and he wants to build a society in which all are happy and safe. Seeing things in a whole new way is one of Baskins’s strengths. His highly original writing style is serious, impersonal, detached and scientific. He is able to get readers to comprehend solutions to complex problems. His words are stitched together with a pure heart and soaring spirit. His work is liberating and gives readers a chance to rebel against deadening conformity, to break free of ideas about reality, and deeply embedded conditioning. If there's an indoctrination into a stifling mindset, Baskins will demand a more expansive worldview. His point of view envelops “all of us,” and by joining your thoughts with his, you experience the power of the unified whole that forms the basis for collective action, whether it's community based, or globally oriented. He acknowledges the illusory nature of boundaries, separations, and distinctions; separation is a mirage. His writing is representative of a larger more universal consciousness and outlook that has an inherent ability to blend philosophical ideas from the past with unifying concepts for the future. Baskins’s teaching is simple. He helps people discover what they really are, their true essential non-dual nature beyond all descriptions and labels about themselves. He believes that world peace is everybody’s birthright. ✯ ✯ Read Oneness, an inspirational, uplifting global perspective that world peace begins in the heart. Read the ebook! Oneness Principles of World Peace now. ✯✯✯

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