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Thoughts For Present Moment Living

Thoughts For Present Moment Living

I just saw this quote by one of my favorite authors:

“You cannot be both unhappy and fully present in the Now”
Eckhart Tolle

I feel that I Can.

I previously knew about this quote prior to a visit to the veterinarian with my very ill dog. This would be my last time I saw my best friend in his physical form. This quote inspired me to be fully present for his last breaths and found the experience emotionally painful.

Was I fully present for this experience?
I feel as if I was about as close to being fully present as I have ever been.

If you break your leg and are in the moment it’s very challenging for anyone to be happy. In fact, during extreme pain, some may find solace taking the mind somewhere more serene and less painful in that moment.

Would I have changed my approach knowing that my experience with my dog was very painful?
No…I wouldn’t…because even though pain is part of our journey it is also part of the contrast in colors that enhance the overall beauty of the masterpiece of life.

The Here and Now is only here for the present moment and then it is gone forever.

I encourage all to Embrace Life’s present moments…except maybe those that may cause intense physical pain such a broken leg. For those hopefully limited experiences…after you are in a safe place…a mental vacation to a waterfall Paradise may help ease the pain.

It is a blessing to be fully present and experience all of life. The Universe lives and breathes through us and we through IT. LIVE and BREATHE in Goodness and each precious moment!

Shine your light in Goodness so others may see and the world will be a brighter place wherever you’ll be🌟
Goodness Steve

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Goodness Steve

Steven Ferrel is a Messenger of Goodness at Bliss Planet.

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