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Saving The Environment at 13 years old

Saving The Environment at 13 years old


His name is Felix Finkbeiner and you can also call him Felix the Forest king…a thirteen-year-old’s campaign to save the environment by planting millions of trees. The best thing that we children can do is to plant trees. So in short, “stop talking and start planting.”

He is a tree ambassador at the International Year of The Forest…felix is a celebrity.

“This is our campaign – Stop Talking Start Planting.”

His plan for the planet idea started as a presentation for his 4th-grade class in Bavaria Germany when he was nine.

“And we said ok it’s a cool idea, but we didn’t take it seriously as parents it was just a school project.”

Felix now tours schools around the world to attract more children to the cause.

“It’s not about saving the polar bear, it’s about saving our future.” At this New York city junior high school Felix tried to explain how to grow public interest.

“It’s not planning party it’s planting party.”

Felix wants a million trees to be planted in every country in the world to absorb co2 gases out of the atmosphere. Children in 90 countries are planting in his footsteps.

“I think that Felix’s presentation was great…he was very enthusiastic inspiring us to plant trees.

It’s not just schools Felix also addressed the United Nations General Assembly accompanied by a young tree posse.

“Adults know exactly the challenges we have and they know the solutions to these challenges. But we don’t understand why there is so little action. This powerful campaign is to spread the message to all the people of the world…this is our campaign.”

“What is it like to have a thirteen old boy lecture the general assembly? ”

“I loved that…it weakens our consciousness. ”

Felix was inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai of Kenya and her Greenbelt Conservation movement.

He who plants a tree plants hope.

Lucy Larcom


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