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Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth

I had the most amazing conversation last week with this person who told me something that really transformed my life and I wanted to let you guys know because it was so healing to hear that. And I feel like there is not very much of a difference between person to person when it comes to our spirits…deep inside of us we all want the same things which is connection and honesty and we want to be genuinely who we are. And so what this person told me was to always speak to the people around me from my genuine truth…like if I feel something that I want to tell someone because I think it’s going to better their life. A lot of times we hold that back because we are afraid that maybe we are wrong, or they don’t want to hear it, or that it’s not going to help them, or all the excuses in the world. But the beauty about being individuals in this world is that we all come from our own unique perspectives and there is nothing wrong with coming from a place of integrity to try to help another person by telling them your unique expression about what you see. The gift that I was given from my friend was by giving me the courage to speak the things that I generally want to say to people through the intention of helping them without feeling afraid. And even if you are wrong…it’s ok to be wrong. But it hurts you more to not to say something than it does to be wrong. So that is why I am so happy right now is because I get to generally speak my truth to help others and I get to also be wrong sometimes. But a lot of the times I find out that I’ve been helping people. So I hope you guys can do the same.

Marlee Alorin

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