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The Fool-Proof Formula of Life

The Fool-Proof Formula of Life

If I had to put the teaching of Religious Science into one sentence, it would be: “It is done unto you as you believe.”

This very well-known and often-quoted Bible verse holds the key to the way our lives work. But because it is so often quoted, many just say the words without thinking about what these words really mean.

Let’s dissect this verse to reveal the true meaning, the way the Universe works and how to use it.

IT: This means anything and everything. It is the experience, the expression, the demonstration, the manifestation.

IS DONE: The experience comes into existence.

UNTO YOU: Two small words, but extremely important to remember. “Unto you” means that the experience, the demonstration is not something you make happen directly. You don’t have to use your willpower or your muscle or your human hard work to make things happen. Experiences are done unto you by the power of the Universe. The work of creating is actually done by the Law. That doesn’t mean that you are at the whim of the Universe. Quite the contrary. The Law, being a law, follows a simple rule. It creates…

AS: The most important word in this verse. “As” means what, how, the way, the manner, the strength, the intensity. If what you believe is that people are dishonest, that experience will be done unto you. If you believe more strongly that you can never get ahead than you believe with hard work you can, the stronger belief will manifest. If the way you believe you are with money is that you have enough for your needs, this will be demonstrated.

YOU BELIEVE: What you believe is what you have subconsciously embodied. Your beliefs are your “truths”. Your beliefs are the way you interpret everything. Your beliefs are your feelings about yourself, people, places and things. Whenever you put a name on something you are revealing your feelings about it. Whenever you say, this is the way it is, you are expressing your beliefs about it.

“Belief creates the manifest world” is what Jesus was trying to tell us. Everything that we see and experience stems from what and how we believe. Our experiences start with what we believe and how we believe what we believe, not the other way around. “I’ll see it when I believe it” should replace “I’ll believe it when I see it”. The way we experience our beliefs is that they are done unto us. The Law of the Universe takes our beliefs, does the work of creating the manifestation in a perfect equivalent “as” those beliefs.

So the true meaning of this Bible verse is that it tells us the way the Universe works. We believe something, and then we experience that something. So how do we use this knowledge, this how-to instruction of Life?

We are free to believe whatever we want. Why don’t we start choosing to believe peaceful things, loving things, prosperous things and harmonious things? We begin by thinking thoughts along those lines. As we continue to think that way, we begin to subjectify these thoughts, which means we start believing these things as “true” for us. And as we subjectify loving thoughts, prosperous thoughts and harmonious thoughts, we begin to experience them. And that is how we change our lives for the better.

It is easy to have strong beliefs in what we have already experienced. That is how we perpetuate more of the same, and get or stay in a rut. If our belief in what we WANT could be as strong as what we’ve already had, we would be experiencing what we WANT easily and effortlessly.

We have the formula for a happy, fulfilling, successful life right in the palm of our Minds! Let’s follow the formula and watch what happens!

Namaste. — “The spirit in me salutes the spirit in you.”

About The Author

Tina Montalto

Tina Montalto is the founder and president of Conscious Kernels, Inc., an ePublishing company specializing in spiritual eBooks. She is also the author of You are What You Think. In addition to providing a selection of original eBooks, Conscious Kernels offers a free monthly eNewsletter, a community-building discussion board, spiritual retreats, and e-greeting cards. Coming soon: continuing education e-courses.

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