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The Truth About Hate

The Truth About Hate

Believe with me for a moment that hate does not exist. That it’s all just energy. The energy of the perception of hate is usually caused by fear, misunderstanding & pain. Unseen pain & trauma from a lifetime of someone else’s experience that we often know nothing about or our own that we have not yet made contact with. So we assume “hate”…but is that the truth? My truth is if we took action to know each other more clearly, to leave behind the ignorance and assumption we would see the love and the similarity in our walks that is truth. Ask the questions, have the conversation, speak your truth in a way of understanding & feel empathy for one another. Look past the bullshit veil of separation & “anger” & “hate” look past the words of speech that seek to divide and into the heart of empathy with all our brothers and sisters, see the love, transmute the illusion into the reality of truth that there is only love & togetherness, hold this space tightly, close to your heart and when you’re ready to expand it straight from your heart and into the hearts and minds of all living beings.

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