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Wayne Dyer An Interview And Tribute

Wayne Dyer An Interview And Tribute

Self help legend Wayne Dyer passed away last year at 75 years of age. I wish to honor his legacy by sharing words he gifted during an interview.

Steve Ferrel: What do you feel we are here on earth for?

Wayne Dyer: We are here for a purpose, we come into this world knowing what our purpose is but we forget, just as we forget our dreams. We go from a place called nowhere to now here, which is the same it is just a question of space. And then we go back to nowhere. While we are in no where, before we show up here, we know what we are here for, we sign up for it. We come in as a spiritual being and we are here as a physical being, but we are actually still a spiritual being having a physical experience. While we are here in this physical body our purpose is to get to a higher level. To go from one level to the next isn’t as if you’re walking up the escalator. It isn’t a simple thing of declaring that I will go from level A to level B. In order to be able to go from one level to the next you need to generate energy, an incredible amount of energy. It isn’t something you do by meditating and getting to know God. The way the generate the energy to go from one level to the next is by first of all understanding that you are more than just a physical body. You have a physical body that is made up of energy and you have an energy body that is with you at all times. This energy body is like your double and it is assembled around you in what Castaneda calls an assemblage point of energy. The assemblage point of energy is around 18 inches away from your form at all times. Where it is assembled determines your perception of reality and what your world is going to be like. The only way to get to a higher level is to move the assemblage point of energy. You need to literally shift your double in order to do this. Now I know this will sound strange. When you understand that you have an energy body and when the Kabbalah talks about being able to move from one level to the next, it says, now this is a very now this is a very important part. That in order to move from one level to a higher level and to generate the energy for this you have to take a fall. The thing that proceeds every step of growth in your life is a fall. It is as if you are a high jumper. I was in high school. You don’t just run-up to the bar and go over it, you have to go down real low and the process of going down low you’re able to generate the energy to propel yourself over the bar. The same thing works metaphysically. Now the falls of our life are really generated by your higher self. They are not generated by your ego. The ego is terrified of you having a fall because generally when you have a fall you find God. You become more spiritual, more caring, more gentle. A fall can be many things such as a breakup in a relationship, a bout with drugs, an accident, a heart attack, a bankruptcy, a trauma of some kind. Whatever it may be. What you need to know, not believe, but know is that right when you take a fall you’re generating energy to a higher level. Instead of putting mental energy into negative emotions, be grateful for the opportunity to be a better person and to go to the next level. When you know this every time you experience a fall you can become thrilled. This is why monks and really enlighten beings have these lives of austerity, giving everything up. It isn’t an accident that Gandhi had little around him. Gandhi was probably the man of a century. He never held public office and he changed the fate of one billion people. He got the English to leave India by only using his consciousness. As you let go of all attachments, I mean really let go, you will propel yourself. When you get to this level God will take care of the details for you. You need to know that you are not alone, that this is all part of plan. When you get to the higher levels you won’t be attached to the outcomes. That is what heightened awareness is all about, detaching yourself from the outcome. In my book “Gifts From Eykis” the Eykis talks about love in terms of the higher self and a love of the higher self requires nothing in return, nothing. It is the hand that gives gathers. In higher awareness you’ll love and ask nothing. Your ego is that part of you that believes you are separate from other people and therefore significant, in competition with, better than, better looking, all those kinds of things. Your higher self knows there is no separation. It doesn’t exist. Once you get to this point you are so free that you are excited. Once you become excited and not attached to the outcome of how this thing is going to work out, the irony is that what you want will show up. It is really about getting to know your higher self and allowing it to rule your life rather than your ego. Once you allow yourself to do that you are truly free. In our dreams we are not attached to anything and you create whatever it is that you need for the dream. In this larger dream you are doing the same thing. The trouble is that you have an ego in this dream, and you have doubt, and in the other dream you don’t. The other dream whatever it is that you need you don’t go and get it, you through the power of your intention create it. So that you bring things to you. In other words when you are dreaming tonight and in your dream you wanted to see that cactus more closely, you wouldn’t get out of bed and go over and try to find it, you would bring it to you. If you can take that awareness in this state you can do the very same thing. You can bring to you whatever you need for this dream through the power of your intentions.

Steve Ferrel: You seem to be at such a high level in your techniques for life enhancement.

Wayne Dyer: I am in some ways in and others I am not. My falls are different from your falls. I’ve had to go through these falls to get to the place I am now. I’ve had bouts with addictions, I’ve had divorced, I have lived at an orphanage. So my falls are my falls and your falls are your falls, mine aren’t any more painful than yours and vice versa. It is the ego that tries to convince us that I’m at a higher place than someone else when truly I am not. I’m not saying that to be self-effacing and to say the right thing. Truly we are all one. We are all the same. I share the same divine intelligence that you share. Our egos would like us to believe that some of us are spiritually superior than others. In the end we are all the same.

Steve Ferrel: You seem to be able to access this power easier than most people.

Wayne Dyer: Yes, but I can’t find my keys, I can’t fix my radiator when my car breaks down. When your car breaks down in a bad neighborhood, you’re much better served to be able to fix your radiator. Everybody has a divine purpose. Some of these homeless people on the streets signed up to help make us more compassionate. That is what they are here for. When they were in nowhere they said, “sure I’ll walk the streets and have nothing and when someone walks by they will have more compassion in their heart, that’s enough for me, I’ll do that for a lifetime.” If you understand the concept of eternity, that is no beginning and no end, endlessness. This is hard concept for us to grasp because we’re always thinking about the outer edges. If you can grasp that concept then you get a chance to be everything.

Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer

Steve Ferrel: May I ask what your religious beliefs are?

Wayne Dyer: My belief is that the truth is a truth until you organize it, and then becomes a lie. I don’t think that Jesus was teaching Christianity, Jesus was teaching kindness, love, concern, and peace. What I tell people is don’t be Christian be Christ like. Don’t be Buddhist be Buddha like. As soon as you get into the Orthodoxies you get into power plays, right or wrong, some people get into heaven and some people don’t, my God is better than your God. No spiritual master who has ever walked among us has wanted that. To imagine Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed all sitting at the table trying to come up with a solution for the world’s problems, building tanks and making somebody wrong and somebody right just wouldn’t be their way. They were all about love, unconditional love for all things and all people. That is my religious belief. I don’t put down other people’s religions.

Steve Ferrel: You must feel wonderful knowing you have touched the hearts of so many people.

Wayne Dyer: It is a good feeling, but I don’t take any credit for it. See the reason I don’t take any credit for it is because the people whose lives are not going well and read my books. I don’t want to take the blame. If you are going to take credit you had better be willing to take the blame. Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says if you can read this thank a teacher? You never see one that says if you can’t read this blame a teacher.

Steve Ferrel: But it is all up to each and every one of them. You have planted the seeds out there. It is their responsibility to water those seeds and allow them to grow. You have done something wonderful.

Wayne Dyer: I do it because every so often I have to write, and have to go out and speak. I mean, I certainly don’t need any more money, and I don’t need any more attention, or accolades, I don’t need any of that at all. I do it because of that deep, burning desire that inspires me in my life and that is what my purpose is about.

Steve Ferrel: What has inspired you the most in life?

Wayne Dyer: I’ve never been inspired by outside people. I can go through a list of people’s books I have read that have been very influential such as Abraham Maslow, Albert Ellis, the Bhagavad-Gita, New Testament, the Course In Miracles, Kabbalah, and William Blake’s poetry. But what truly inspires me is something that burns within, an inner candle flame that doesn’t flicker ever regardless of what ever goes before me. I am sort of the observer to all of this just as you are. We think that we are the participants making choices, but what we really are is the witnesses. You and I are sitting here now, but there’s a part of each one of us watching this take place. I’m watching and you are watching this take place, and that’s really what we are, and these bodies are just the actors. Once you become the witness in life rather than that which you are witnessing, in other words who I am sitting here with you is not the person who is sitting here but is the person who is witnessing. I am not what I witness, I am the witness, I am the witnesser. As I place my attention there that’s what the mechanics of creation is all about. That us what inspires me, being able to be the witness. That is were God is, this is what I think of as God. God is the compassionate witness, the loving presence that is always with you and it is not in form. The part of me that witnesses never ages, it is eternal. It is watching this body go through whatever it has to go through. Just like you are watching your body go through whatever it has to go through. Your body is on the path and just like a tree it has treeness in the seed. Youness is in the seed that was planted when you were conceived as well; yet, the witness has always been there.

Steve Ferrel: What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced?

Wayne Dyer: I’ve been married three times, each one about 10 years. Going through divorce is a huge challenge especially when you have children. I have a daughter and I was her best friend and the closest thing in the world to her. Not to be with her on a daily basis was an incredible challenge. It has worked out getting me to another level, it allowed me to get in the marriage I am in now which is a very good marriage. I have a wonderful wife, I have a wonderful family.

Steve Ferrel: What is your formula for success?

Wayne Dyer: The formula for failure is trying to please everybody with everything that you do. So the formula for success must be opposite of that which is not being consumed with what other people are thinking, and listening to your own inner voice. Those inner voices of your higher self that want you to be at peace and want you to feel love, compassion and so on. Listen to that still voice of God that is within you at all times.

“What truly inspires me is something that burns within, an inner candle flame that doesn’t flicker ever regardless of what ever goes before me.”
I like to believe that the energy of this enchanted dance never loses its brilliance. Wayne the magic you shared on earth will bless others for years to come, may your candle shine brightly for all eternity my friend!

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  1. Wayne Dyer was an icon. Great tributary piece <3

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