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What does world peace look like?

What does world peace look like?

What does world peace look like?

Take the time to actually visualize the scene. See interactions of the people. See the cooperation in making sure everyone has the essentials. See the friendly sharing of ideas, cuisine, and style. See the athletes compete to inspire others and challenge themselves. See the freedom to explore any part of Earth without fear. See the people with religion and without religion getting along just fine because they have respect and are not so concerned about being right. See how one human is no more or less important than another. See the gardens of food everywhere and the intelligent management of the Earth. If most humans regularly take the time to visualize the world we want, the Law of Attraction shall provide.

Peace and Love,
Jason Cline

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Hello friends Smile my name is Jason. I am here to learn new ideas, to share the good news about mental and physical health and to make connections along the way. From the wisdom of Dr. Ferrel to some of the inspiring writings by the community members, Life Dynamix has truly enhanced my life.I have 3 awesome kids and family time is fun time! If we are not outside running around, we are probably playing video games, music instruments or board games. I feel more at home when I am outside immersed in nature. Some of my passions are mountaineering, hiking, mountain-biking and camping. I have been fortunate to stand on the summits of Shasta, Hood, Adams, St. Helens and the top crater of Rainier.Utilizing the Japanese method of “kaizen” (continuous improvement), I aim to take better care of my future self through education, proper nutrition and physical exercise. I am gradually lessening my toxic intake with the help of “Neogenesis” and my own intuition. I feel greater awareness through yoga, meditation and positive intention. I am fascinated by quantum physics, nature and science. After ten years on a plant-based diet, I live and feel better than ever now at age 35 than ever before.

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