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Making A Difference Edition

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Ian Artoness Morris

Raw food….what does it mean to me? We are all interconnected…we are all part of this earth…the plants and animals. What we feed our bodies enable us to move with that energy. Raw food is a great choice for a healthy lifestyle....

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Sunna Zaidi

I focus on gradually progressing toward a more healthy and raw diet because the more natural the food is the better it is for us, and the more energy it will give us. Since I started juicing, my life has changed drastically…I...

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Raina Millay

I have a garden and feel very connected to it and feel the same way when I eat raw food…I feel as if I am eating natures source. The healthier I eat, the greater my desire to eat healthy, and the more I’m able to tune into my...

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Amy Hayati Raw Message

I have been on the raw food journey for four months now. Throughout my life I’ve tried vegetarian, vegan, standard American diet and raw has been working very well for me. The most important thing that I have learned from this...

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